We have seven spots for key partners within the seven most vital areas of our mission. To become a key sponsor one must have sponsored a significant amount and be a leading company in its industry. The company must push the boundaries of its field. We are very proud of our key sponsors. LUNARK wouldn’t be possible without them and we thank them from the Earth to the Moon - and back. These are the seven key-partner spots.

betaFACTORY - Fabrication partner

betaFACTORY located in Copenhagen, Denmark, is tomorrow's manufacturing workshop. They want to build a space full of knowhow by running community driven prototyping facilities a.k.a makerspaces or FabLabs and extend their service offerings to entrepreneurs who want to start manufacturing in small scale while staying agile.

Their aim is to help push the boundaries of urban local manufacturing in a global world.

CraftUnique - 3D Print partner

We are extremely excited to announce our partnership with CraftUnique, the creators of our long term favorite 3D printer CraftBot. Large parts of the final habitat will be 3D printed, therefore we need an army of 3D printers. CraftUnique is supplying the mission with 11 printers in total.

CraftUnique will also provide the printer which we will bring to Greenland during the mission.

OPEN - Hardware and construction partner

Hardware, material, screws, pipes, tools, etc.

OPEN - Solar power partner

A skin of strong and durable solar panels will power the whole habitat and keep Karl-Johan and Sebastian warm.

OPEN - Financial partner

A large and an often overlooked part of an ambitious project like LUNARK is finance, structure and being organized.

OPEN - Equipment sponsor

Warm clothes and survival equipment for the extreme arctic climate.

OPEN - Transportation partner

To simulate the isolation of the moon, we are going to a very remote location in Greenland, which simultaneously will also be very difficult to reach. Transport to and from the site is critical.

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