Well-being and indoor climate playes a crucial role in our habitat architecture.

While the duration of space missions are increasing it only becomes more important for the astronaut's health and performance.

Our generation spends 90% of our time indoor. The expedition will help to discover solutions in well-being and indoor climate on Earth as well as in space. The mission is a completely closed and confined living-space, perfect for a behavioral study.

We don't have to go far away to find relevance for these studies. Most of us work indoor and we will spend a huge majority of our life inside. We strive to find a healthy countermeasures for space and Earth


The habtiat i completely off-grid all of it's power comes from it's solar panels. In an age where energy demands is growing, we are investigating how to create a sustainable house. The extreme reality of the arctic or Lunar environment automatically reinforces a zero-waste and efficient cycle.

LUNARK is a platform for accelerated learning in sustainable design - solutions also applicable for Earth.